Gratitude 2.0

Gratitude makes us accept what we have and be happy this moment.

Southern catalpa. – Catalpa Bignonioides.

Every Friday I clean the bathroom and the floor in our little one-room-apartment. It takes a while to remove everything from the floor, vacuum-clean and wipe it. I also clean shoes before vacuuming the flat. After that I clean the bath-tub, the toilet and the sink. In addition to that I wipe all door-knobs and the handles on the bathroom cabinet and on the kitchen cupboards. Being a bit obsessive-compulsive about the cleaning process it takes me two hours to do all that. There are also pauses included in these two hours, for I have to rest in between due to low blood-pressure.

Yet, there is an exception. Dusting shelves I only do now and then, not every week. But now I have realized I should be grateful for the shelves I own and clean them more often. I need not see dusting as a boring chore, but more like taking care of the temple for our bodies. An apartment may be viewed as a temple for our bodies, just as our bodies are often seen as temples for our souls. And one can be grateful for both temples, hence one can take care of them out of gratitude.

One does not have to be grateful to God. Universe will do, or coincidence, or good luck. All in all those are just words. In my opinion gratitude makes us accept what we have and be happy this moment. It prevents us from constant craving for more. Provided of course that we are not ill or homeless. The basic needs are more than normal to be craved for.

I would really love to hear your views on that!

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