The Curse of One Rule

The only people who always adhere to one rule are, in my opinion, fanatics.

One big moon.

Life offers many complex situations. Therefore we cannot have one simple rule for every situation. Sometimes we choose between two or more rules, sometimes we make a combination of rules, and then again we might also make an exception to a certain rule. Just like secret police often lies to protect their country. Saving lives is more important in this case than adhering to the rule: ‘Thou shalt not lie.’ The only people who always adhere to one rule are, in my opinion, fanatics. The key ingredient of a fanatic is, I believe, not thinking, always deciding the same way. This may make our live simpler, but are we doing the right thing?

Let me give you some less dramatic examples from my life. I have this rule of not socializing after 7 p.m., because this is the way I can fall asleep in the evening more easily. But there is an exception to this rule. If a visit arrives let’s say at 5 p.m., and if they stay till 8 p.m., I let them be. It would be very inconsiderate and fanatic to send them home at 7 p.m.

I avoid sweets because I have a sweet tooth and I do not want to get fat. Thus I have made myself a rule: I do not bake cakes or similar food. And, when visiting someone, I only take one piece of cake or similar food. Yet, there is an exception: cookies, because they are so small. I always try to find some compromise. For example, the last time I was visiting, there were four varieties of cookies, I took one of each. I believe, taking only one tiny cookie would have made me inconsiderate and fanatic, which would clash with another rule: ‘Be nice.’

Everyone knows the rule: ‘If you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all.’ Well, there is at least one exception here too. Let’s say somebody is about to do something stupid and dangerous and does not listen, when we try to talk him or her out of it. I believe, in such a case we are allowed to call the person a fool, don’t you?

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