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A Wish Less Is a Bliss More

Looking around, seeing advertisements everywhere one would think that wish fulfillment is the core of our lives. And it probably is. We are bombarded with new ways of making our desires come true. There is not a place where one can be free from commercials except in one’s sleep. That is what makes it so hard to resist wishes, when we know deep inside we should give them up for our own sake. But that is not what people usually talk about, is it? Listen carefully and you will notice how much time we devote to telling each other about wishes. Little do we know that it is in fact the reduction of...
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Childlike vs. Childish

It may seem like a language problem to you, but I find it a basic concept of the new age psychology and philosophy. It is all about stopping to be childish and grow up on one hand. On the other hand, we are advised to retain some child-characteristic traits and remain childlike as adults. What does it mean to quit being childish? Please feel free to correct me and to add items I have forgotten, while I try to mention as many as possible. One point of growing up would definitely be to take responsibility for one’s actions and words. The other, in my opinion, is to learn how to control our feelings....
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The Bias of Denial

I have my reading glasses now alright, but it has taken me a year to get them. How so? It has been because of my denial. Let me tell you the whole story. Approximately a year ago I noticed in the evening, in electric light that my vision was a bit blurred. I was looking a word up in a German paper dictionary. I was helping my husband translating a German text, a report from a German company his company is working for. I have been helping him a lot, also with reading German books. He is learning this new language because of new clients. I act like a live dictionary and grammar. It makes me very happy...
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Swimsuit Season

It is the swimsuit season. Time of revelation. The big question is: what will be revealed? Skinny legs or ample curves? The funny notion of looking good in a bathing suit is actually a statement of uniformity. According to the standards of fashion we should all look the same. We should all be skinny. Why on one hand we try to preserve the animal and plant variation on the planet, while on the other hand the human beings should all be the same? There is little logic in that. Would it help, if we were to be divided into subspecies like: small, medium, large and extra-large? Would it assist us in...
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Ah, Mistakes!

While some degree of the fear of mistakes is useful and healthy, too much of it can prevent our actions. We might never change things for the better. Or we might never meet new friends for instance. It is true that we can avoid pain by not taking any action and thus omitting mistakes. Yet, the moment we see pain as experience, it might decrease the ‘wrongness’ of a mistake. Of course causing a car accident for instance will always feel wrong. But what about changing a job for example? You earn less at the new job and the change might feel as a mistake. Is it really? Is money everything?...
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