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The Bias of Denial

I have my reading glasses now alright, but it has taken me a year to get them. How so? It has been because of my denial. Let me tell you the whole story. Approximately a year ago I noticed in the evening, in electric light that my vision was a bit blurred. I was looking a word up in a German paper dictionary. I was helping my husband translating a German text, a report from a German company his company is working for. I have been helping him a lot, also with reading German books. He is learning this new language because of new clients. I act like a live dictionary and grammar. It makes me very happy...
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Swimsuit Season

It is the swimsuit season. Time of revelation. The big question is: what will be revealed? Skinny legs or ample curves? The funny notion of looking good in a bathing suit is actually a statement of uniformity. According to the standards of fashion we should all look the same. We should all be skinny. Why on one hand we try to preserve the animal and plant variation on the planet, while on the other hand the human beings should all be the same? There is little logic in that. Would it help, if we were to be divided into subspecies like: small, medium, large and extra-large? Would it assist us in...
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Ah, Mistakes!

While some degree of the fear of mistakes is useful and healthy, too much of it can prevent our actions. We might never change things for the better. Or we might never meet new friends for instance. It is true that we can avoid pain by not taking any action and thus omitting mistakes. Yet, the moment we see pain as experience, it might decrease the ‘wrongness’ of a mistake. Of course causing a car accident for instance will always feel wrong. But what about changing a job for example? You earn less at the new job and the change might feel as a mistake. Is it really? Is money everything?...
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Life is like a math task

Some time ago I got this idea that life as such could be compared to a math task. We all get an individual task to solve of course. The starting data differs from person to person. One either has had a happy, a mediocre or a difficult childhood. They say everyone is born with a talent, but we have different ones from having a leader personality to the delicate capabilities of an accomplished bobbin lace weaver. Some people end up being single, while the others struggle with the complications and joys of a partnership. Each and every person on Earth gets a unique task and has to sail through sunshine...
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Chaos versus Order

While walking in the forest I got this idea that the true nature of things is chaos. Things keep changing. And the nature of human beings is to fight the chaos and bring order. Unless we do some tying up, garbage and dust keep piling up in our apartments. Unless we take care of our health it deteriorates over years. Our brain is built in such a way that it produces negative thoughts without any effort. It takes a lot of effort to produce optimistic and common sense thoughts though. The thinking patterns of fear and anger are particularly strong these days. It takes a lot of mental work to stay afloat....
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