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Destiny Reefs

In the last decade the idea that if we really wish for something, visualize and try hard to achieve it, it will eventually come true. Many books were sold, promising that we can achieve anything. I must disapprove however. In my opinion there are hurdles on some paths that are impassable. After trying to achieve something for years and seeing things get worse not better, we must accept our destiny. Not everything is meant to be. I remember how I was trying to learn to drive a car for four years. I had my license and the knowledge in my head, but I could not put it into practice. My reflexes were too...
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Too Much Pressure on the Parents

Psychologist find that there are two kinds of parents: – Those, who do not care much about how they will raise a child. – Those, who care about it and either do their best by using common sense or visit seminars and read books about upbringing. I would like to say something to the second group. Let me offer some comfort I rarely see written anywhere: – It is impossible to raise a child without any ‘mini traumas’. Let me name a few examples. For instance, somebody likes many pictures and other adornments on walls, because he/she totally disliked empty white walls in his childhood....
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A New Girl in Town

I have discovered recently, that one of the most important things in life is to know what you want. If you do not know, what you want, you cannot get anywhere and usually it is everybody else’s fault. I gave notice at a well paid job six years ago and it has not been easy since then. Almost simultaneously with quitting the job, my husband and I also moved from the capital of Slovenia to a smaller town. I had to build everything from scratch: a new job, new friends, a new balance. A new job is being a writer. It is far from being simple. I am also the publisher, which means I have to push myself to...
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The Burden of Freedom

I remember studying the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre in high school. What surprised me most about his work was that he talked about ‘the burden of freedom’. Back then I found it silly. I thought: ‘Freedom is a good thing.’ Today, in an era filled with abundant choices and in a world filled with commercials, I think Sartre was a visionary. One may not notice it at first, but freedom means one has to make many choices. And making choices takes energy. Just think how many choices we make, before we even get to work in the morning. How cold is it outside? Should I put on the very very warm...
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Fat ars anti-brainwashing philosophy

A friend asked me not a very long time ago: »Did it not help you to hear from your friends and family that you are not fat?« I answered: »No, it did not.« Being a slim beauty, she was curious: »How so?« My explanation was as follows: »You see. It’s pictures that really get to you. You see them everywhere – the professional models. These pictures are very strong messages to our subconscious. Stronger than any words. We are being brain-washed since childhood.« She was appalled: »That’s horrible.« I smiled a most content smile and told her the secret: »But you can beat these...
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