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Super Safe Chick

I had a most peculiar dream the other night: I was looking out the window in our apartment. I saw what I can see in real life: the roofs of about a hundred houses lined up in parallel streets. At the edge of the group of houses there was a giant machine, which does not exist in real life. Basically, it looked like a crane, but it was much more than that. It was a most magical appliance building contractors can only dream of. I saw it remove the roof of a house standing on the rim of the group of houses. Right afterwards the special machine built a new roof out of thin air. Both the removal and the...
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The Power of Subconscious

A dear friend of mine got a project at work, where he is required to speak German. He was learning German in primary school for 8 years and in high school for 4 years. But he has not spoken or read German for almost 20 years now. He was afraid that he could not speak it anymore at all. We tried together. The first sentence he built wrong at least ten times. I told him the right version later. He had to make about 5 attempts at repeating it, before he did it right. Nevertheless, we were not discouraged. We went on, trying to make casual conversation in German. We also tried to translate some sentences...
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The Missing Creativity

There used to be a lot of creativity in people’s lives before the technology era. They just did not call it that way. They had no radio, so they sang. One can still notice in old movies that singing was more than normal. People would work on something and sing. They could easily alter the melody or make up their own tunes, for it was just spare time activity, not a profession. Today on the other hand, if we hear somebody sing, the first question we ask is: Is (s)he manic? Let us name other examples of creativity in the old days. In the evening there was no TV to tell stories, so people told stories...
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Things That Last

I do not have a garden, but if I did, I am sure I would prefer perennials to annuals. I have an inexplicable reluctance to throw things away. When I buy clothes for example, I hope to be able to wear them for years. I would rather have two pieces that last than ten pieces that need replacement every year. The last car my husband and I owned was totally broken and could not be mended anymore, when we finally said goodbye to it and sold it to a mechanic that still saw some useful parts in it that could be taken out and re-used. It looks like the car we own now will see the same destiny. Needless to add...
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The irresistible extremes

It is true that Aristotle wrote about the golden middle or in other words about moderation in all things, but this is usually the toughest way of life. Exaggeration on the other hand is a lot easier. Why? Because one does not have to think and make decisions about how to reach the golden middle. One simply exaggerates in everything and makes oneself and others believe that one is right. Let me give you an example. A hundred years ago parents were very strict, beating their kids was a normal thing to do. Yet there were exceptions – parents that showed their offspring love and not just...
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