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Marital Bliss in a Nutshell

The title sounds too ambitious perhaps, but I only want to share with you the suggestions for a happy marriage I have come across in my life. Some are from seminars, some I deducted prom real-life situations in my marriage or in those of my relatives and friends. These are just ideas, there is no recipe for marital bliss. They might work for some couples and for others not. In my opinion the woman in a love relationship has more emotional intelligence than the man, because raising daughters is different from raising sons. The daughters are allowed to be more emotional and eventually learn to deal with...
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Judging People by Their Profession

Medical doctors are probably the number one of highly esteemed professionals or close to that in most people’s minds. That is, in my opinion, one of the reasons why it is so hard to accept their mistakes. We think they are god-like creatures and gods do not make mistakes. In reality they are only human and bound to make bad decisions at least at some points in their lives. They can for example have an illness themselves and this causes their concentration to lower. Or it can even happen on a good day and turns out to be a simple blunder. Another example of bias regarding people’s profession is...
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My Attitude to Cleaning

Now, when I am over 40 already, I think I have finally embraced cleaning as it is. I am writing right after 3 hours of cleaning doors and doorframes in our apartment. A thing not everybody cleans. It is a specialty for the assiduous. Yes, that must be it, I have finally embraced cleaning. I do not even feel exhausted. I do not think “Oh, what a waste of time.” I actually sense pleasure and accomplishment. This feeling is new to me for I have always hated cleaning. I found it boring at the least and, to some extent, unnecessary at the worst. Today, I am aware that an apartment or a house is in fact...
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No More Bad News Please

I am not like many people who forget or do not care in the first place. I care and I remember. There is a huge array of horror stories which accumulated in my brain years ago, when I was still watching the news, reading newspapers, watching tragedy movies and reading all sorts of novels. Nowadays I only watch comedies and do not follow the news on TV or in newspapers. I also put down a book, if it frightens or saddens me too much. The stories from the past are still haunting me. I cannot believe the details I remember from all the stories of child abuse, mafia, incest, sexual slavery, war camps,...
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A Prayer for the World

I send out a prayer for the world, A lot of Love in my humble word. A prayer for those in power To save many a flower, To preserve the birds and the bees, And plant a myriad of trees. A prayer for food, school and medical care, Which among everyone we should share. A prayer for understanding and compassion, Which should replace the conflict passion. A prayer for a plastic bag to stay out of the sea, For a healthy apple to grow on a cared-for tree. A prayer for a tear on a child’s cheek to dry, For the mother to always have food to fry. A prayer for the father to be of great help, For him to hear the...
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