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Do Wishes Control Us?

I often say to people: “Money is not everything.” They usually reply: “But you cannot live without it.” Both sentences are correct, only, in my opinion, they apply to different situations. We cannot live without a place to stay, food, clothes etc. These are our basic needs. Everything above it are luxuries, and in this case money is not everthing. It is at the point of luxuries that, in my opinion, we can talk about wishes in its real sense. If a homeless person wishes for a place to stay, this is not really a wish, it is a necessity. If somebody, on the other hand, already has a perfectly good...
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The Curse of One Rule

Life offers many complex situations. Therefore we cannot have one simple rule for every situation. Sometimes we choose between two or more rules, sometimes we make a combination of rules, and then again we might also make an exception to a certain rule. Just like secret police often lies to protect their country. Saving lives is more important in this case than adhering to the rule: ‘Thou shalt not lie.’ The only people who always adhere to one rule are, in my opinion, fanatics. The key ingredient of a fanatic is, I believe, not thinking, always deciding the same way. This may make our live...
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Coffee after Lunch

A coffee after lunch drunk in peace at home is not just a coffee after lunch drunk in peace at home. It means a lot more. The bills have been paid. A cup of coffee AT HOME means one is not getting evicted. Yet, how seldom do we think about that. The fact that we are not homeless. We take it for granted. The coffee AFTER lunch signifies that one has had lunch. Obviously there is enough money for food at one’s home. Another constant we are usually not aware of. One must also have funds for buying clothes, otherwise the drinking of coffee could not be a pleasant experience. Imagine the embarrassment of...
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How is my Jane Austen exercise coming along?

I am definitely suffering from a crisis as a writer. I used to write 25 blog posts a year and I was continuously working on a book, little by little but persistently. Then, in February 2017, something happened. I still do not know what it was. Was it just low blood-pressure making me totally tired and washed out or was it also the accompanying anxiety, which got a lot worse than usual. I started the Jane Austen exercise several times, but only did it once or twice and then relapsed in chronic fatigue – or whatever this new state is – for months. I really do not think it is writer’s...
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The Enigma of Forgiveness

I am sure you all know the saying “Forgive, but don’t forget”. There is an interesting counterpart in my mother tongue Slovene, which can be translated: “Only a fool goes on the ice twice.” Actually it is ‘a donkey’, but in the meaning of ‘a fool’. So, essentially, if someone betrays us, we will no longer trust the person. That is, if the betrayal is done on purpose, not as a mistake, which can be forgiven and forgotten. Just as the legal system imprisons criminals and thus gives them a change to pay their debt to society, likewise are we, in my opinion, entitled to protect ourselves...
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