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My Attitude to Cleaning

Now, when I am over 40 already, I think I have finally embraced cleaning as it is. I am writing right after 3 hours of cleaning doors and doorframes in our apartment. A thing not everybody cleans. It is a specialty for the assiduous. Yes, that must be it, I have finally embraced cleaning. I do not even feel exhausted. I do not think “Oh, what a waste of time.” I actually sense pleasure and accomplishment. This feeling is new to me for I have always hated cleaning. I found it boring at the least and, to some extent, unnecessary at the worst. Today, I am aware that an apartment or a house is in fact...
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No More Bad News Please

I am not like many people who forget or do not care in the first place. I care and I remember. There is a huge array of horror stories which accumulated in my brain years ago, when I was still watching the news, reading newspapers, watching tragedy movies and reading all sorts of novels. Nowadays I only watch comedies and do not follow the news on TV or in newspapers. I also put down a book, if it frightens or saddens me too much. The stories from the past are still haunting me. I cannot believe the details I remember from all the stories of child abuse, mafia, incest, sexual slavery, war camps,...
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A Prayer for the World

I send out a prayer for the world, A lot of Love in my humble word. A prayer for those in power To save many a flower, To preserve the birds and the bees, And plant a myriad of trees. A prayer for food, school and medical care, Which among everyone we should share. A prayer for understanding and compassion, Which should replace the conflict passion. A prayer for a plastic bag to stay out of the sea, For a healthy apple to grow on a cared-for tree. A prayer for a tear on a child’s cheek to dry, For the mother to always have food to fry. A prayer for the father to be of great help, For him to hear the...
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Eros Agape Philia

Recently I got a gift in a clothing shop: three white soaps in the form of a heart, nicely packed in a red cardboard box with three words in white color printed on it: Eros Agape Philia. I remembered the Greeks and a quick look into Wikipedia affirmed my assumption that those three words are defining different variations of love. See: Greek words for love. Eros means “love, mostly of the sexual passion”. Agape in Greek philosophy is “love: esp. charity; the love of God for man and of man for God”. Philia would be “affectionate regard, friendship”. There is also a fourth kind of love:...
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Traditions versus Ethics

Often we follow tradition without thinking about it. If anyone asked us, why we are doing a certain thing, we would simply answer: »Because it’s tradition.« In general it is alright to follow traditions, if they are still functional in the present. It would be totally dis-functional to drive in coaches pulled by horses these days for instance. It would represent a hurdle in traffic. In addition to that, by taking up a lot of precious time it would deprive us of hours of sleep or some other spare-time activity, which makes it possible for us to fall asleep in the evening. Naturally today we...
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