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Respect for the Four Elements

Sipping water drop by drop, The elixir of life will never stop. – A river swells by heavy rain, A flood brings many a pain.   Inhaling, exhaling the air day by day, Oxygen filling one’s lungs all the way. – Hearing heavy winds howling, Protected from falling trees by housing.   From caveman’s fire to our barbecue, Never having raw food to chew. – Firemen rushing like diligent ants, At the scene of the fire in fireproof pants.   The soil feeding us for thousands of years, Early sprouts chasing away winter fears. – A landslide’s menacing roaring, Too late to...
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Let’s Define Miracle

In the old days people used to be afraid in winter that plants will not sprout in spring, so they put up various evergreen plants like spruce, fir or holly in hope they can preserve plant life like that. I am talking about ancient pagan rituals which through Christianity developed to Christmas festivities the way we know them today. Nowadays we do not have fears like that. We take spring for granted. We do not see it as a miracle anymore. Science provides reasonable explanations for the spring phenomenon. And yet, when I saw the first leaves in the forest this spring, when I touched the tender light...
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A Clash Between Two Worlds

  I have been reading two very different books the last couple of weeks: a biography of a millionaire-philanthropist and a collection of poems. What a chasm between the two worlds! On one hand the cruel world of business, of the race for profits, of exploiting the workers, of survival of the fittest. I knew from the start that this particular millionaire gave away his fortune after retirement in the form of pensions for his workers and for college professors, in the form of donating libraries and music halls etc. His philanthropy was mentioned at the beginning of the book. Yet, I kept thinking:...
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You do not have to own nature to enjoy it.

People sometimes ask me, if my husband and I would like to live in a house with a garden. Pictures of sitting on a comfortable chair in the shade of an old oak tree, of gently caressing vermillion roses blossoming under my care, of leaves turning brown, red and yellow pop up in my mind. Yes, I tell them, living in a house is wonderful, but so far I have not found anything really wrong with living in a small apartment. The basic difference is that we do not own the nature we enjoy in. I look out the window and I see naked branches in winter, occasionally covered in snow or ice. I behold and absorb the...
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Autumn Haiku

Shadow all around – red beauty in the warm sun, passion surviving.   Take care, Helena Smole, author of: – a fantasy novel with romance Vivvy and Izzy the Dwarf: A series about relationships – Balancing the Beast, a book offering a bright view of schizoaffective disorder ˗ bipolar or manic-depressive type ...
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