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Go with the Flow Attitude

This year’s summer holidays did not go just as my husband and I had planned them. He usually takes a two-week leave and we spend five days at the beach. Then we stay at home for the weekend and prepare for another five days of camping in the mountains. It started according to our plan. The first three days we spent swimming in the sea and resting in a shade, reading books and solving crossword puzzles. The water was warm enough, so we could take long swims, really enjoying the salty playground. I am a slow swimmer, thus my husband was kind enough to do a dead man’s float now and then, so I...
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Trip to Vogel

Vogel is a mountain above Bohinj Lake, accessible by cable car. It is a ski resort in winter and a mountain walking paradise in summer. My husband ascended it on foot from the lake up, while I took the cable car. I used to walk up mountains like this, but the last couple of years I have been having problems with too low blood pressure. I would probably need a flask of coffee to conquer 2,952 feet of altitude, so I decided to go up by cable car instead. I let my hill walking height of 984 feet be the norm, for which I only require to drink one strong coffee before I set off. I enjoyed the vistas of...
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Vanishing Mandalas

I am sure you have come across the Tibetan Buddhist tradition called Sand Mandala. Buddhist monks spend several weeks to build mandalas from colored sand. Usually a team of monks work on the same mandala, for the picture entails great detail. And when they are finished, they sweep their work away. The sand is collected in a jar which is then wrapped in silk and transported to a river. This symbolizes the ephemerality of life and the world. I am also positive that you will share with me the feeling, when right after having vacuum-cleaned and wiped the floor in the whole flat you notice a brand new...
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The Growing Neck of the Giraffe

A story of natural selection for your kids. Here is a story about how the giraffe’s neck grew so long. A long long time ago giraffes had short necks. They could only reach bushes and the lower branches of trees. They ate those leaves on near branches and lived like that for centuries. They kept looking at the higher branches, but they could not get hold of them. It was all fine until one day there were too many giraffes grazing on too few leaves. They started to stretch their necks to higher branches, but they could not grab them. The famine grew more and more severe. Until a miracle happened. There...
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Our Cells Are Little Fireplaces

A story about cell respiration for your kids. Our cells respire. They breathe in and they breathe out. They take in a gas called Oxygen and they give out a gas called Carbon Dioxide. But how can this happen? It is because inside each and every cell there are dwarfs tending the fire in a fireplace. What fireplace? Do we burn inside? As a matter of fact, we do. In a special way of course. There is no flame in our cells. The burning in the cell fireplaces is so slow that nobody notices it. Except the dwarfs, who are keeping the fire alive. But how can they keep it alive all the time? There are three...
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