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  1. Erin Grimm says:

    Dear Helena,
    I also have Schizoaffective disorder. When I first received this diagnosis I was absolutely devastated. The first thing I did was go to Amazon and look for books on it. And there were none that were uplifting and humanizing. And then I found yours. You have changed my life and how I view myself as a sufferer of serious mental illness so much that I have started my own blog and am writing my own memoir. Your humility and desire to start a movement where people can be open about their struggles changed my life, how I view myself, and my life’s mission.
    Erin Grimm

    • Helena Smole says:

      Dear Erin Grimm!

      Thank you for your comment! It means so much to me, when I see that I inspire others with my work. It was not easy to write Balancing the Beast, but when I see the results, it’s rewarding.

      Take care,
      Helena Smole

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