Super Safe Chick

I had a most peculiar dream the other night: I was looking out the window in our apartment. I saw what I can see in real life: the roofs of about a hundred houses lined up in parallel streets. At the edge of the group of houses there was a giant machine, which does not exist in real life. Basically, it looked like a crane, but it was much more than that. It was a most magical appliance building contractors can only dream of. I saw it remove the roof of a house standing on the rim of the group of houses. Right afterwards the special machine built a new roof out of thin air. Both the removal and the...
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A Tempest of Worries

It ignites like a spark in your brain. It flickers for a moment and then again and again. You try to chase it away, but it won’t go, You tell it to stop existing, yet it says ‘No’. You know it’s easy to get rid of while still small. But it stays in your brain having a ball. Despite all your efforts to extinguish the spark It keeps multiplying like in a village the dogs’ bark. Pretty soon all your brain cells are burning, And your stomach slowly starts turning. You feel a nasty pain in your chest, Your hands tremble and there is no rest. Your new worry soon invites her brothers and...
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