Our Little Snowdrops

Kindness is her only real might.

Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis).

Like a little pearl-white snowdrop

A child-soul out of the snow will pop.

Rubbing her emerald-green eyes

And looking up to the sunny skies.


One might gather power and money,

But misses out on all the life’s honey,

Unless she keeps the child within

Happy and cheerful in her own skin.


A child-heart beats determined and wild,

Only in her chest there is a goodness nest.

She marvels at beauty and the right,

Kindness is her only real might.



Take care,

Helena Smole, author of:

– a fantasy novel with romance Vivvy and Izzy the Dwarf: A series about relationships

Balancing the Beast, a book offering a bright view of schizoaffective disorder ˗ bipolar or manic-depressive type

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