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Memento Mori

I stumble my awkward way, I accidentally step on an ant. Small be it as it may, For her the event still is grand.   God forbid me stepping under A speeding car at a zebra crossing. Yet still this kind of thunder Can happen without much fussing.   It’s all relative in the end. Be it me dead or the ant. Why is my fear so much greater, When the elements to both of us cater.   In seven billion years The Sun the Earth might absorb. This can bring us to tears Or leave placid the orb.   Memento mori. Panta rhei.   Take care, Helena Smole, author of: – a fantasy novel with...
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Ode to Inner Peace

It’s like rolling around in silk sheets, It’s even breakfast in bed that it beats. It’s telling you to start small And in the course of the day enjoy it all.   There are many paths to get there, Where the heart softens the care: From CBT to Louise Hay, From Phyllis Krystal to a forest in May.   Yet, when one feels the inner peace, It’s like the first kiss. One yearns for it all the time from then on, The most, when it is fully gone.   The answer lies in the modest way, In taking it as it happens day to day. After all, inner peace is like sun, Now there and then gone.   Take...
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Gratitude 2.0

Every Friday I clean the bathroom and the floor in our little one-room-apartment. It takes a while to remove everything from the floor, vacuum-clean and wipe it. I also clean shoes before vacuuming the flat. After that I clean the bath-tub, the toilet and the sink. In addition to that I wipe all door-knobs and the handles on the bathroom cabinet and on the kitchen cupboards. Being a bit obsessive-compulsive about the cleaning process it takes me two hours to do all that. There are also pauses included in these two hours, for I have to rest in between due to low blood-pressure. Yet, there is an...
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Super Safe Chick

I had a most peculiar dream the other night: I was looking out the window in our apartment. I saw what I can see in real life: the roofs of about a hundred houses lined up in parallel streets. At the edge of the group of houses there was a giant machine, which does not exist in real life. Basically, it looked like a crane, but it was much more than that. It was a most magical appliance building contractors can only dream of. I saw it remove the roof of a house standing on the rim of the group of houses. Right afterwards the special machine built a new roof out of thin air. Both the removal and the...
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The Power of Subconscious

A dear friend of mine got a project at work, where he is required to speak German. He was learning German in primary school for 8 years and in high school for 4 years. But he has not spoken or read German for almost 20 years now. He was afraid that he could not speak it anymore at all. We tried together. The first sentence he built wrong at least ten times. I told him the right version later. He had to make about 5 attempts at repeating it, before he did it right. Nevertheless, we were not discouraged. We went on, trying to make casual conversation in German. We also tried to translate some sentences...
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