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About Saying No

I have been thinking about proofreading lately.  About correcting friends’ and relatives’ final theses: bachelor’s and master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, which I have always said Yes to in the past, when asked. I am talking about proofreading in my mother tongue – Slovenian. I knew my friend was working on her master’s thesis. I was leaning towards saying No. Proofreading has been getting too difficult with time, since I started to forget the grammar and style rules. I learned the rules in college over 20 years ago and was only using them once every five or so years in the last...
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Not too Close Please

While I was writing my story about mental illness in form of a book later titled Balancing the Beast, I was also blogging and chatting on several mental health sites. Thus I befriended other mental health consumers like me. I remember a social site for this kind of people, where I was daily conversing with two men and two women. Both women were suicidal and the two guys and I were consoling them. I remember waking up every morning in fear they might have committed suicide. It was agony. Fortunately, after a few months, the site was restructured and I lost contact with the two suicidal women. It was...
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Who Will Rule the World?

Men have ruled the world for thousands of years and in the last centuries women seem to be taking over. They are doctors, college professors, NASA engineers etc. There are still more men than women in politics, but even that can change. We all know that. What we do not know is, why men have been dominant for so long. There are several scientific theories answering this question, but none of them convincing. I read that in the following book: Yuval Noah Harari: Sapiens. A Brief History of Humankind. London: Vintage Books, 2014, more particularly in the following chapter: There Is No Justice in History,...
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To Have Friends One Has to Be a Good Friend First

Imagine our planet would be a planet of friends. Imagine five friends set up a date to meet over cakes and coffee. They are supposed to meet at five, but the organizing one allows the other four to be late. He waits patiently for half an hour and then orders a chocolate cake. Instead of being impatient and angry, because somehow he has hoped that at least one of the four would show up a little after five, he enjoys the music in the coffee shop, observes customers and waiters and the time flies. At a quarter to six the first invited friend shows up, and at six the second one. They chat joyfully till...
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An Old Man’s Tale

Crimson sunset coming through the window, Touching a wrinkled forehead of an old man. His worn-out hands slightly trembling, While he is weaving perhaps his last basket.   His cell phone starts vibrating on a wooden shelf. He does not hear the rattling of the vibration mode, Yet he feels his son calling him on this odd device, So different from everything he grew up with.   His son greats him and speaks in a soft voice, Trying not to disturb his father’s fragile soul. Overwhelmed by concern about his old man, He tries not to show it in his voice.   “Who is going to finish this...
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