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The Good and the Bad

Isn’t it amazing how human beings can be so compassionate, kind, honest and people-loving. Yet, on the other hand, we can have really selfish and evil people on this blue and green planet. Both groups belong to the same species, the Homo sapiens. It does not make sense, does it? Well, maybe it does anyway. Is it possible that there are simply two subspecies, equally well adapted? It would take a scientist to prove the hypothesis, but I as a total laywoman dare to formulate it. The good people may be as well adapted to life on Earth as the bad ones. It’s just that the way of adapting is...
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A Short Fairy Tale about Two Princesses and Two Princes

Once upon a time there were two princesses, who were good friends. They were called Christina and Paula. They were married to identical twins named Chris and Paul. Each couple lived in a small castle, nothing ostentatious. There was a narrow passage between the two castles, which was a shortcut in comparison to the road connecting the two buildings. The tight path had a bench in the middle, where the two princesses met and confided in each other. Their meetings were regular, every day at one o’clock in the afternoon. When one was detained, the other one waited for a while and then returned to the...
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About Saying No

I have been thinking about proofreading lately.  About correcting friends’ and relatives’ final theses: bachelor’s and master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, which I have always said Yes to in the past, when asked. I am talking about proofreading in my mother tongue – Slovenian. I knew my friend was working on her master’s thesis. I was leaning towards saying No. Proofreading has been getting too difficult with time, since I started to forget the grammar and style rules. I learned the rules in college over 20 years ago and was only using them once every five or so years in the last...
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Not too Close Please

While I was writing my story about mental illness in form of a book later titled Balancing the Beast, I was also blogging and chatting on several mental health sites. Thus I befriended other mental health consumers like me. I remember a social site for this kind of people, where I was daily conversing with two men and two women. Both women were suicidal and the two guys and I were consoling them. I remember waking up every morning in fear they might have committed suicide. It was agony. Fortunately, after a few months, the site was restructured and I lost contact with the two suicidal women. It was...
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Who Will Rule the World?

Men have ruled the world for thousands of years and in the last centuries women seem to be taking over. They are doctors, college professors, NASA engineers etc. There are still more men than women in politics, but even that can change. We all know that. What we do not know is, why men have been dominant for so long. There are several scientific theories answering this question, but none of them convincing. I read that in the following book: Yuval Noah Harari: Sapiens. A Brief History of Humankind. London: Vintage Books, 2014, more particularly in the following chapter: There Is No Justice in History,...
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