Auntie Photosynthesis

photosynthesis A story for your kids.

Auntie Photosynthesis is a teeny-tiny creature, which lives in each and every green leave and works for us. What is she doing? She grows potatoes below surface. The delicious potatoes, which mummies and daddies fry. And fried potatoes are the best. Almost better than macaroni and cheese. Yes, kids really like pommes frites.

But how come aunties named Photosynthesis live up in the green leaves and grow potatoes deep down in the soil beneath the surface? Oh, that is a long story. It all started, when aunties bought super-powerful machines called Chlorophyll. That was when all the leaves turned green, because Chlorophyll-machines are of green color.

The Chlorophyll machine is a special device, which catches sunrays. It uses sunrays instead of electricity. The sunrays are what keeps the machine going. In the daytime the Chlorophyll machines work, over night they do not. And what does the machine do, once it has captured the sunrays? What does it use the caught energy for? A miracle! The machine manufactures the white substance the potatoes are made of. It is called starch.

But what do the Chlorophyll machines make starch from? They produce it from the air we breathe out and from water in the soil. How is this possible?

In the stalks of plants there are tubes, which lead from the roots in the ground to the leaves up in the air. The roots pump water from the ground and this water runs to the leaves through the tubes. That is why one has to water all the flowers in pots around the house. And when there is no rain, one waters the vegetables in the garden too.

The air we breathe out contains a lot of gas called Carbon Dioxide. And this is precisely the gas from which the Chlorophyll machines make the white starch, which tastes so good in fried potatoes. Aunties Photosynthesis take Carbon Dioxide from the air around the leaves and take it to the Chlorophyll machines in the leaves. They also pour water, which has flown from the roots, in the machines. Water and Carbon Dioxide connect to form the white starch. This white substance then travels back through the tubes in the stalk to the ground, where potatoes grow from it. And this is the whole story. That is why we can eat the delicious fried potatoes.

Yet this is not all! Aunties Photosynthesis really know how to work their machines. When water and Carbon Dioxide connect, there is an exhaust has. But it is a miraculous exhaust gas. Its name is Oxygen and we cannot live without it. If there is no Oxygen, we cannot breathe.

We could not live without aunties Photosynthesis. Not without their potatoes and not without their fresh air. Even more! Aunties Photosynthesis also know how to grow carrots, corn, beans, and rice and also wheat, which bread is made of. All these and many other vegetable and fruit goodies can be produced with the machine called Chlorophyll.

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