Love Is …

relationships Love is an unexpected morning greeting.

It’s birds on the same branch meeting.

Love is a soft melody sung in a pair.

Love is being strict but fair.

Love is a perfumed letter with a passionate message.

Love is seeking to one’s heart a secret passage.

Love is finding a way through a rough patch.

Love is tolerating socks that don’t match.

Love is a patient yearning.

It’s also a desire like a furnace burning.

Love is breaking up and making up.

It’s also self-defense and standing up.

Love is the heart’s higher learning.

Love is making the armistice and not the fight prevailing.

Love is a teardrop destined to dry.

It’s on a cold misty morning a distant hopeful cry.

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Take care,

Helena Smole, author of:

– a fantasy novel with romance Vivvy and Izzy the Dwarf: A series about relationships
Balancing the Beast, a book offering a bright view of schizoaffective disorder ˗ bipolar or manic-depressive type

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