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The dream represents my redundant worries and back-up plans, which know no end sometimes. I had a most peculiar dream the other night:

I was looking out the window in our apartment. I saw what I can see in real life: the roofs of about a hundred houses lined up in parallel streets. At the edge of the group of houses there was a giant machine, which does not exist in real life. Basically, it looked like a crane, but it was much more than that. It was a most magical appliance building contractors can only dream of. I saw it remove the roof of a house standing on the rim of the group of houses. Right afterwards the special machine built a new roof out of thin air. Both the removal and the building took only seconds. I was really fascinated by the procedure. Who would not be? It was a real hocus-pocus.

I am not sure, whether it was there all the time or whether it appeared only after the hocus-pocus, but I also saw a giant black nylon cover reaching over the whole group of houses. It was supposed to protect against rain. In order not to get suffocating underneath it, there were holes made in the cover, but of course above streets not directly above houses.

This was the dream. Now I will try to create a dream interpretation according to the Phyllis Krystal method. The houses of other people are a symbol of their lives. I am way too concerned about other people. But since I was watching from my apartment, the message of the dream must concern my life too. There is another reason why it must be all kinds of worries (about myself and others). The reason is in real life. In summer the terrace above our apartment was renovated and there was leaking through our ceiling.

The dream represents my redundant worries and back-up plans, which know no end sometimes. The protection against rain was two-fold. Firstly, the roof of the house was replaced within seconds with a magical machine. Secondly, the whole group of houses was protected by a nylon cover. Why on earth did all the other houses need protection too? Evidently, the absurdity of too paranoid safety precautions was very vividly displayed by covering the group of houses. And it went even further: due to the fear of suffocation, there had to be holes in the cover, but of course directly above streets, which were allowed to get wet.

This whole dream might seem like a total insanity to someone with a balanced mind, but for us, people struggling with anxiety, it is a very real and daily affair. You can share your dreams of a similar nature in the comment section below. Of course, my anxiety comes in package with my schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. You can read more about it in my book.

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