Spirituality in Schools

Not believing in God at all brought some kind of emptiness in our minds and hearts. In our Western world spirituality is excluded from schools. If you want your child to learn about the spiritual aspect of our being, you enroll the kid in Sunday school or a similar educational institution, which is usually organized by a certain church.

In other words, we have separated the world of science (primary school) and the world of religion (Sunday school). Some scientists are even trying to prove that there is no God.

On one hand, it is good to have secularized school, so that the church cannot exert too much power over people. And God has given us a brain capable of discovering and inventing, so science and technology are meant to be. On the other hand though, not believing in God at all brought some kind of emptiness in our minds and hearts. Many people with mental illness, for example, report betterment, when they turn to prayer. I, for instance, turned to the Phyllis Krystal method, which connected me to the so called Higher Consciousness (the Hi C). The Hi C or God in my inner world are one and the same. And faith in God helps me cope with schizoaffective disorder.

It is not easy to rely on science on one hand and believe in God on the other hand. Some scientists have accepted both (e.g. Albert Einstein), some were losing faith in God (e.g. Charles Darwin). Thus, it is no wonder that spirituality disappeared from schools. One cannot teach that God created all living beings and that they evolved through genetic natural selection at the same time.

Or perhaps one can? What if we say that God created evolution as a process? That way the quarrel between evolutionists and creationists could be settled.

Another, even bigger problem with the possible introduction of spirituality in schools is the form of introducing God. The children come from different religious backgrounds, therefore we cannot find a common form. A common form of spirituality would also, in my opinion, be too abstract for children. It is very difficult to talk about God and not be religious in some way.

Maybe the future will bring an answer how to fill the gap, which evolved, when the Western world started to deny the spiritual part of a human being. Tolerating different religious views is, in my opinion, a step in the right direction.

WARNING: Please consult your psychiatrist before trying the Phyllis Krystal method.

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