Summer Holidays’ Musings

We spent 5 days in the mountains and 5 days at the seaside.

Tamar Valley, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Like most holidays in the heat season my husband and I made what is slowly becoming a traditional compromise: we spent 5 days in the mountains and 5 days at the seaside, both in our home country. You have probably guessed: he likes the mountains, while I prefer the sea. Although I must say, over the years of our marital journey, I have grown close to the mountains and he started to like the sea. It is funny how one’s likes are not so set in stone, once one is willing to step out of the box of one’s standard views.

It took a lot of adjusting though. I can ascend up to 900 meters (3000 feet) of altitude in cool weather, while summer heat renders me weak and only able to ascend about 300 meters (1000 feet), provided that the ascent is very gradual. Thus we made two trips to the tips of valleys of the hiking resort Kranjska Gora, one called Tamar and the other called Krnica. A steep mountain Ciprnik was hiked up by my husband alone. He is a trained mountain walker. He had been afraid that I might be bored, but it turned out I was still in my sleeping bag when he returned. Of course I was thinking of getting up, but somehow I stayed half asleep and half awake till eleven in the morning. The afternoon we spent lying in a shade next to a cool alpine lake called Jasna. It was too cold to swim in, but we soaked our feet in it for refreshment. My husband has discovered over the years, being unable to walk every day with me, that reading a good book in the shade is just as satisfactory. I enjoyed reading too.

I have accounted for three days so far. One day it was raining and we visited an alpine museum in Mojstrana, where there was the first Slovene rescue helicopter hanging from the ceiling. There was also a bivouac with a simulated storm and many other interesting items. The remaining day we spent at the lake all along. I got a tick, but we managed to remove it quickly. I am always afraid of ticks because doctors say one has to be inoculated. So far I am healthy.

Afterwards we travelled to the Slovene coast, more precisely to a natural reserve with hotels and apartments called Strunjan. It is a lovely place with cliffs, a well maintained beach, salt works, a lagoon with ducks and swans and a plenty of hiking paths. This year it was sunny and I was very happy about it because I could swim for an hour once or twice a day, together with my husband of course, who likes swimming more and more every year. The rest of the time we were lying in a nice pine tree shade and reading. When my husband was reading in German I helped him. I acted as a live dictionary and grammar. Well, I did not study German Language and Literature for nothing. Now I have the best pupil ever. I believe that anyone who can study a foreign language on vacation at the temperature of 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) can easily be classified as the best pupil ever.

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