You do not have to own nature to enjoy it.

You do not have to own nature to enjoy it.

People sometimes ask me, if my husband and I would like to live in a house with a garden. Pictures of sitting on a comfortable chair in the shade of an old oak tree, of gently caressing vermillion roses blossoming under my care, of leaves turning brown, red and yellow pop up in my mind. Yes, I tell them, living in a house is wonderful, but so far I have not found anything really wrong with living in a small apartment.

The basic difference is that we do not own the nature we enjoy in.

I look out the window and I see naked branches in winter, occasionally covered in snow or ice. I behold and absorb the cold variety. I watch them turn grass green in spring, get darker over the summer, brown, red and yellow in autumn. Birds’ twittering and crying drags me to a window and I watch them take flight. Since we live on the 12th floor they often fly by precisely at the height of my eyes.

Over the summer my husband and I go for a walk almost every evening in a forest nearby. We listen to the river, the wind, the birds chirping, the fallen branches crumbling under our feet.

There is a new buzzword: forest-bathing. It turns out we have been bathing in the rejuvenating and cleansing energies of the forest long before this term was invented.

By the end of October it gets too dark after dinner to walk in the forest, so we start walking to town center and back. We still enjoy nature, this time not so wild and robust, but more mild and tamed. Namely, there are several parks on our way. We do not see the trees very well due to semi-darkness of street lights, but hear the birds very well, enjoy the sound of the river and of course the sound of cars disturbs our inner peace a little. Nevertheless, we concentrate on the nature sounds and glimpses.

On weekends we ascend up a local hill. The path leads mostly through untamed forest and the top of the hill offers magnificent views. Sometimes we drive to our beloved Bohinj Lake and take a 3-hour stroll around it.

All in all, we enjoy nature without owning it and find it magnificent.


Warning: Please gather information about dangerous animals and all other dangers in the nature area you are about to enter. In the event you spend time in nature, I assume no responsibility for your actions.


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