A Clash Between Two Worlds


The business world as cruel as it is, it provides jobs for dreamers too.

A dreaming moon.

I have been reading two very different books the last couple of weeks: a biography of a millionaire-philanthropist and a collection of poems. What a chasm between the two worlds!

On one hand the cruel world of business, of the race for profits, of exploiting the workers, of survival of the fittest. I knew from the start that this particular millionaire gave away his fortune after retirement in the form of pensions for his workers and for college professors, in the form of donating libraries and music halls etc. His philanthropy was mentioned at the beginning of the book. Yet, I kept thinking: does it make sense to drive unions out of one’s factories, change the working hours from 8 to 12 and give poor salaries so that one could donate for libraries? Why not treat the workers nicely in the first place? I almost stopped reading the book a few times due to this conflict in me. Yet, somehow, I kept reading. The consolation was: what about others, who probably pushed the workers just as hard and gave much less or nothing to charity? That way I gave the millionaire a chance and read the whole biography.

On the other hand there was the world of poetry, a dreamer’s world of pure truth, beauty and justice so hard to achieve in the real world. I only read a few poems a day. They were so saturated with intense feelings that I needed 24-hour breaks in between. The poems were about depression, anxiety and about love intended to conquer the two. Some were understandable, others mysteriously ‘encoded’ in more or less impenetrable metaphors. I enjoyed the world much closer to me. The world of yearning for a better world in all respects. And yet, that kind of world is so hard to achieve. If the above mentioned millionaire gave better salaries, he would have to raise the prices of the products and nobody would buy them. He probably gave his best, especially when giving the fortune away. After all there were countless libraries and pensions and hero funds to help the families of deceased civil heroes etc.

After all, all poets need to eat and the business world as cruel as it is, it provides jobs for dreamers too. And many a poet has been born while reading in a library, for in the old times only rich people had books of their own.

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