Do Wishes Control Us?

A wish can blind the inner feeling of what is still right and reasonable.

The blinding beauty of a wish.

I often say to people: “Money is not everything.” They usually reply: “But you cannot live without it.” Both sentences are correct, only, in my opinion, they apply to different situations. We cannot live without a place to stay, food, clothes etc. These are our basic needs. Everything above it are luxuries, and in this case money is not everthing. It is at the point of luxuries that, in my opinion, we can talk about wishes in its real sense. If a homeless person wishes for a place to stay, this is not really a wish, it is a necessity. If somebody, on the other hand, already has a perfectly good car and wishes for a better one out of vanity, we can talk about real wishes. At least in my humble opinion.

Now, even if one has one’s basic needs all covered, I think one can still wish for something more. It gives one a purpose in life, a plan, a strategy. And working on something is, I think, better than loitering about. But there is something very important about wishes. We are supposed to control them and not let them control us, I believe. It is alright to put one’s body and spirit to it, try hard and persist. When one feels it is too much, damaging one’s health, important relationships or even endangering the coverage of one’s basic needs, then it is time to stop, in my opinion. It is hard to tell, when it has been too much. Only each individual can feel it inside. Although one must also listen to well-meaning people, for one can become blinded by a wish. The wish can blind the inner feeling of what is still right and reasonable.

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