Let’s Define Miracle

We take spring for granted.

A bird bathing in new leaves.

In the old days people used to be afraid in winter that plants will not sprout in spring, so they put up various evergreen plants like spruce, fir or holly in hope they can preserve plant life like that. I am talking about ancient pagan rituals which through Christianity developed to Christmas festivities the way we know them today. Nowadays we do not have fears like that. We take spring for granted. We do not see it as a miracle anymore. Science provides reasonable explanations for the spring phenomenon.

And yet, when I saw the first leaves in the forest this spring, when I touched the tender light green foliage trembling in a light breeze, it seemed like a miracle. I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply, and I could almost smell the fragrance of the new clothes of trees. I stood there in awe, in a magical forest, so close to where I live, but also so different from the modern world of noise and speed. The serenity of the green paradise left me overwhelmed.

Despite all my biology studying in high school, the gentle new foliage touched my soul. Science says there are no miracles, only probability. I respect science, but I must say that our planet seems like a miracle anyway. Maybe a miracle is simply something that happens under circumstances of low probability. It was rare conditions on planet Earth, which made life possible: not too hot, not too cold, presence of water, absence of poisonous gasses, and later in the genesis of life on Earth the introduction of oxygen. There is no other planet like that in our solar system.

Am I only making a fuss about words here, or does it matter, if we – despite science – still believe in the miracle of spring and other miracles of life, and show gratitude for it?

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