A Short Fairy Tale about Two Princesses and Two Princes

There is sometimes no right or wrong in relationships, it’s just the practical and the highly impractical way.

Helleborus niger (black hellebore)

Once upon a time there were two princesses, who were good friends. They were called Christina and Paula. They were married to identical twins named Chris and Paul. Each couple lived in a small castle, nothing ostentatious. There was a narrow passage between the two castles, which was a shortcut in comparison to the road connecting the two buildings. The tight path had a bench in the middle, where the two princesses met and confided in each other. Their meetings were regular, every day at one o’clock in the afternoon. When one was detained, the other one waited for a while and then returned to the castle.

One day Christina complained about her husband Chris: “He is so untidy. He walks in into every room with his muddy boots on, even our bedroom. My nightgown gets dirt on it and I have to change all the time.”

Paula was trying to sooth her: “But you’ve got maids to clean after him, don’t you?”

Christina said relentlessly: “But the dirt gets on my nerves. Of course the mud never gets into our food. And I wash my hands all the time. It’s all secure. It’s just the look of it. I want my castle to look immaculate!”

Paula rolled her eyes: “Immaculate. What a harsh word. Have some patience for your husband. He is a good guy in all other respects.”

Christina gasped and said: “Yes, I know. He is honest, kind and frugal. But his untidiness just makes me crazy.”

Paula tried one last time, before she changed the subject: “Couldn’t you just cut him some slack? It’s middle-ages. No one is paying much attention to hygiene. Except the Arabs of course.”

It was to no avail for Christina: “Well, then, I wish he were an Arab.”

Christina’s urge to cleanliness and Chris’s sloppy habits led to endless marital fights. He did not want to give up the relaxed manners regarding the mud and she did not want to give up her obsessive wish to clean the castle. She did not wish to count her blessings and calm down. An immaculate castle was her goal and she intended to achieve it. Everyone was getting tired of her, including Paula, who, on the other hand, was happy with a sloppy husband, as long as he was honest, kind and frugal. An old wise lady once told her: “You want a happy marriage? Concentrate on his virtues and try to forget his vices. Of course there are limitations to this. You should not tolerate serious vices like violence, crime, alcoholism, drug abuse, adultery etc.” She clung to these words as strongly as Christina clung to her wish to tidy up her abode.

There is sometimes no right or wrong in relationships, it’s just the practical and the highly impractical way. Christina and Chris continued to have a lousy marriage, while Paula and Paul lived happily ever after.

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