Go with the Flow Attitude

Positive thinking in action.

A wink of destiny on a rainy day.

This year’s summer holidays did not go just as my husband and I had planned them. He usually takes a two-week leave and we spend five days at the beach. Then we stay at home for the weekend and prepare for another five days of camping in the mountains.

It started according to our plan. The first three days we spent swimming in the sea and resting in a shade, reading books and solving crossword puzzles. The water was warm enough, so we could take long swims, really enjoying the salty playground. I am a slow swimmer, thus my husband was kind enough to do a dead man’s float now and then, so I could keep up with him. All in all perfect beach vacations, which ended after three days though. There came a storm in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, which cooled the water and the air substantially.

We could have been angry with the weather, but there is no point in being angry with a natural force, is there? We could be sad for having lost two days of beach fun, but instead we turned it into our advantage. On Thursday we went for a walk along an asphalt path, built for cyclists and hikers on the track of an old railway. It was fun to walk past the colorful oleanders and under the flying seagulls. The salty air was our new ‘water to walk in’, instead of swimming.

The last day on the coast we could have chosen another walk for the air and the water were still too cold, but we decided to drive over to my parents’ and help them pick potatoes. The cool air was perfect for the job. Why waste a rare opportunity to plough and pick and then dig and pick the rest at an unusually cool temperature for July? Normally we do it in heat, which is a lot more strenuous.

One would think we would have more luck the next week in the mountains. But no. I had an appointment at the dentist’s on Wednesday. So if we had travelled to the mountains on Monday, we would have had to drive back home just for the appointment. We decided to stay at home and read books for three days and departed for the alpine region only on Thursday early in the morning, had three days of hiking and came back on Saturday in the evening.

We were hiking in the cooler mornings and in the afternoon we were resting in a shade by a very cool lake. Some people were swimming in it, but for us it was suitable only to soak in up to our ankles. Again we could be angry at the destiny to have given me a date at the dentist’s precisely that week, but there is no use being angry at a higher power. We chose to be happy about our unusual holiday, which had actually turned out to be more dynamic: instead of two-part sea plus mountains holidays we had three-part sea plus stay-at-home plus mountains holidays. And we even helped to pick the crops at a fresh temperature instead of the usual sweating. Positive thinking in action.

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Helena Smole, author of:

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