Coffee after Lunch

A coffee after lunch drunk in peace at home is not just a coffee.

The safety of a home.

A coffee after lunch drunk in peace at home is not just a coffee after lunch drunk in peace at home. It means a lot more.

The bills have been paid. A cup of coffee AT HOME means one is not getting evicted. Yet, how seldom do we think about that. The fact that we are not homeless. We take it for granted.

The coffee AFTER lunch signifies that one has had lunch. Obviously there is enough money for food at one’s home. Another constant we are usually not aware of.

One must also have funds for buying clothes, otherwise the drinking of coffee could not be a pleasant experience. Imagine the embarrassment of buying coffee in a supermarket in torn and shabby clothes. Well, maybe this is an exception, for one can get decent clothes in charity centers.

There is more to that cup of coffee. We are naturally healthy, otherwise the coffee would not be drunk IN PEACE. All sorts of pains, dark thoughts or even being bedridden would prevent the pleasant experience of making and finally drinking the bitter substance.

And last but not least, drinking a cup of coffee IN PEACE indicates that one is either O.K. with living alone or the ones who live with the person are not nagging or torturing the person in any way.

Thus, happiness really is in small things: like coffee after lunch. But only because such little things entail the big ones.

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