A Go-to-Hell-Valley which Turns out to Be Heaven

The coolness of the creek and the deer made the trip perfect.

We had planned a nature walk up the Zadnjica valley from 645 meters above sea level to 980 m a.s.l. the day before. Both numbers are written on signs by the walking path. It is a slow ascent from 2116 to 3215 feet. After all, it is a valley and as such cannot rise up too steeply. We had not set the alarm clock, but somehow we had set our “inner-clocks” and woke up at 7:30, when we had originally planned. I was so sleepy that I wanted to tell my husband to cancel the trip, but I got up anyway. An inner voice told me to move my buttocks.

Eventually we got up early enough and set foot early enough to avoid the summer heat, at least while ascending. We had plenty of water in our back-packs to avoid dehydration. The creek running along the walking path was cooling the atmosphere to some extent. It was about 25 degrees Celsius (77 d. Fahrenheit) the highest. I was struggling a little, because of the ascent but also because of the July heat. We stopped often in the shade to catch my breath and to drink water. My husband, of course, did not have to catch his breath, his fitness is way better than mine. Luckily, there was a lot of shade along the way. We walked through a forest, only occasionally interrupted by alpine pastures. We walked the same way up to the sign ‘980 meters above sea level’ and back to our car, parked at the nearest parking lot close to the beginning of the path marked by a sign ‘645 meters above sea level’. On our way back we stopped by the creek and watched the clear mountain water flow over big boulders. There were two smaller creeks flowing into the main creek forming small waterfalls on the other side of the main creek. The air right next to the creek was much cooler than elsewhere. We enjoyed the freshness and the beauty of crystal clear water, the origin of life. When we thought the scene could not get any more beautiful, a deer appeared. It looked in our direction, but did not scare away. After all, the deer was on the other side of the main creek and must have felt secure that way. It drank from one small creek, stepped to the other tiny flow of water and drank some more. After that it disappeared. Yet, not long after, it appeared again.  The bliss of watching a wild animal in its natural habitat!

The coolness of the creek and the deer made the trip perfect. We even did not catch any ticks.

‘Zadnjica’ is not only a name, but also a general word in Slovenian language. It is a very proper and polite word for ‘buttocks’. Nobody uses it in everyday conversation. We use the word ‘rit’, which is a term more equal to ‘ass’. We were joking around with phrases like ‘pojdi v rit’ (meaning: ‘go to hell’) and ‘sva v riti’ (meaning: ‘we are in a pinch’), but the valley turned out to be heaven.

WARNING: Please gather information about the area, where you plan to do nature walking and take the necessary precautions. In the event you do nature walking, the author of this blog assumes no responsibility for your actions.

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